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Suppliers of high-performance equipment
Pairing creativity with expertise to transform raw material

The different challenges facing companies operating in extremely difficult conditions call for avant-garde solutions.

Métal Marquis products and services are designed and applied to address big challenges by exploring new, untried lines. Armed with 60 years of experience and the expertise of a highly qualified team, Métal Marquis creates, designs, adapts and distributes equipment that contributes to significantly increase the level of productivity and profitability of mining companies.

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Cable pusher

  • Mechanized support cable insertion system
  • Allows insertion of cables of various lengths and types
  • Eliminates the need to precut cables
  • Reduces risks of occupational injuries
  • Increases work safety
  • Reduces operation costs

Custom-made equipment

  • Unique products
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Reduces risks of workplace accidents
  • Increases productivity level
  • Training offered for new machinery

Sidekick grapple

  • Allows to remove debris (wood, steel, plastic, etc.) from ore prior to milling
  • Increases productivity level
  • Reduces risks of workplace accidents

Project Challenge Solution Results
Loss of time during cable installation  Installation of a cable pusher 100% increase in number of cables installed per day
Mine Raglan
Bulky objects in mesh screens Installation of sidekick grapple Reduces manual control operations and significantly accelerates work performance 

List of other satisfied customers
Xstrata (Raglan, Timmins), Mines Aurizon (Casa Berardi), Iamgold, Agnico-Eagle, Hydro-Québec.

About Métal Marquis
A highly qualified team with more than 50 employees and 60 years of experience offering products and services to increase the level of productivity of companies specializing in most fields of natural and industrial resources.

  • ISO-9001
  • CWB
  • CSA W47.1
  • CSA W47.2 Aluminium
Métal Marquis
159, 9e Avenue Est 
La Sarre (Québec) Canada 
J9Z 2L1 

Contact person: 
Guillaume Marquis 
T 819 333-4816 
@ gmarquis@mmarquis.qc.ca

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